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Building a brand with engaging content

The Challenge

You know your organization is leading the way in the community. The problem is nobody else does. With few health and wellness resources and minimal thought leadership, you’re not proving the value you can bring to your patients. If you’re not leading the way in content creation, you’re simply not leading the way forward for your organization.

Our Approach

At hippo, we understand the power of content creation. Our team of strategists will work with you to understand your organization’s points of differentiation. Then, we’ll work relentlessly to craft content that demonstrates your differentiators in a clear and effective way. We’ll help your organization amplify your message in a way that increases engagement.

Our Solution

Our inbound strategy will serve as your organization’s hub for content creation. We’ll work together to establish content pillars, messaging cadence and engagement KPIs. We’ve helped play a role in the success of many organizations. We’ve built patient loyalty. We’ve attracted new patients. We’ve even shifted negative perceptions through smart, effective content marketing.


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