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Driving service line volumes

The challenge

High deductible health plans. Crowded marketplaces. No perceived points of differentiation from consumers. Every healthcare organization faces an uphill battle in driving service line volumes. If you’re not proactively working to communicate what sets your organization apart, your message will get lost and won’t resonate.

Our approach

At hippo, we believe healthcare organizations need to make a fundamental shift in the way they approach their messaging. It’s time to stop talking to your audience like patients. You need to talk to them like consumers – because that’s exactly what they are. And hippo knows how to connect. After all, our agency counterpart, MBB+, has been developing consumer-centric messaging for more than 30 years.

our solution

From day one, we partner with our clients to uncover what truly sets them apart. Through brand audits and brand positioning exercises, we reveal your brand’s essence. We talk with key decision makers. We ask tough questions. We give your organization a tangible platform you can utilize to clearly and effectively communicate as you go forward. And we don’t stop there. We outline key performance indicators to give everyone the same common goal to work toward.


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