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Providing philanthropic marketing support

The Challenge

You’ve been operating as a nonprofit organization for years. But here’s the issue, the community doesn’t know it. They don’t know that what you do day in and day out is supported by their donations. That’s when you know you’ll have an uphill battle to share your story and encourage people to get back to supporting you.

Our Approach

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to move the needle with philanthropic endeavors. We pass these insights on to every organization we serve. Whether it’s the timing of the message, the way the message is worded or simply the call to action, we work to optimize the way we generate donations.

Our Solution

Through strategic planning, lead nurturing and proven messaging techniques, we’ll make sure that we’re targeting the right donors at the right time. More importantly, we’ll make sure they understand the power of their donation. We’ll explain your mission, your goals and how they can become a part of your organization’s future as a donor.


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