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Utilizing messaging strategies to increase loyalty

The Challenge

Retail clinics. Virtual visits. New physician practices. With market competition intensifying, creating and maintaining patient loyalty isn’t an easy task anymore. And that presents a problem. After all, with downstream referrals, care coordination and disease management, the success of your health system hangs on the ability to keep patients coming back.

Our Approach

While many healthcare marketing consultants focus their efforts on acquiring new patients, at hippo, we know it takes more than that. You have opportunities walking through your doors every day. Big growth can be achieved by securing downstream revenue of existing patients. From their first visit and beyond, we will work with you to develop messaging programs to help increase patient loyalty.

Our Solution

Working side-by-side with your organization, we will begin to establish and optimize your messaging. Building loyalty takes far more than a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we will tailor your messaging to address the individual needs that are most important to individual patients. We’ll craft custom content. We’ll establish a clear messaging cadence. We’ll work to keep your patients where they belong – under your care.


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