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Utilizing provider referral outreach programs

The Challenge

With increased pressure, volatility and industry transformations comes an increased risk of losing touch with your organization’s most valuable asset – your physicians. If you’re not delivering timely, relevant information and working to address pain points, the relationship between your hospitals and your physicians could become strained.

Our Approach

At hippo, we take a customized approach to every referral outreach program we help develop. It’s about developing the right communication cadence and support to meet the needs of your physicians. By taking a deep dive into your current organizational structure, we develop a clear picture of what, when and how we should be working with your physicians to help create stronger collaboration and relationships among themselves and with the hospitals.

Our Solution

Whether it’s building an outreach program from the ground up or working to retool the current one you have in place, hippo is here to help. Through stakeholder interviews, persona development and strategic development plans, we’ve worked with healthcare organizations big and small to craft a communication strategy that builds more than just awareness—it builds relationships.


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