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Validating marketing efforts through KPIs

The Challenge

The media buy has been made. The assets are in place. Your campaign is under way. There’s one thing you haven’t set yet though – your KPIs. Without those in place, your efforts could be for not. Your organization won’t have the visibility into the success of your campaign and let’s just say marketing dollars won’t be so easy to come by next year.

Our Approach

Awareness. Appointments. Loyalty. Engagement. We work upfront to establish the goals of your campaign. We’ll talk with key stakeholders to outline priorities. We’ll establish benchmarks. Before day one of the campaign we will have a clear and comprehensive understanding of what needs to be accomplished and why.

Our Solution

We take an “always on” approach to campaign monitoring and reporting. We amplify the messages that are working the best. We retool and reposition the ones that aren’t. It’s a relentless test and learn mentality that helps us breakthrough the crowded healthcare marketplace and more importantly, meet or exceed your KPIs.


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