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August 14, 2017

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A History of You and Healthcare Conferences or: Why You Should Attend hippoPod 2017

Have you ever gone to a conference or seminar just to get out of work for a day or two? Of course, you have. Because you’re human.

You convince your boss (and yourself) that the experience, exposure and education opportunities will be worth the monetary and time investments.

So much so that by the time you get to the event you’re genuinely excited. Mostly, because you’re not doing your daily routine, but you’re also motivated to return to the office with some valuable information to prove you didn’t show up for coffee and donuts and slip out after the networking lunch to start your weekend early.

Then everything starts and even though the keynote speaker has a few funny lines, it’s exactly as you remember from every other event you’ve attended. And before you know it, you skip out even before eating your lunch consisting of a dry chicken breast and half-cooked green beans. And who could blame you? We sure don’t.

But you don’t have to put yourself through the same tortured routine. Not anymore. That’s because you can attend a healthcare marketing event that will actually exceed your expectations: hippoPod 2017!

hippoPod is a one-day seminar dedicated to bringing together healthcare thinkers and innovators from across the country. We meet in the middle (Kansas City) to explore the future of healthcare and healthcare marketing.

Yes, we have speakers, but they’re engaging and their topics are relevant to what you do on a daily basis. Yes, we will have a free lunch, but you can kiss the dry chicken breast goodbye (by the way, what’s your favorite kind of BBQ?). Yes, we will provide activities and exercises that are actually applicable to your job and department. And yes, we will provide opportunities to network with industry leaders and organizations you admire. And hippoPod’s great price point is an added bonus: it’s free.

So, why do we do it? Because we find value in bringing together healthcare thought leaders for the betterment of the industry. A rising tide lifts all boats, they say. And since hippos can swim, we’ll be there at your side joining in on the conversation. Plus, we like to get out of the office for the day, too. Register now and we’ll show you the Other Side of Healthcare. You won’t even have to convince your boss. And we promise to get your weekend started early!

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