SHSMD: Funny Name, Serious Conference

October 9, 2017

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SHSMD 2017 Review

If you ask any of the 1400+ SHSMD Connections attendees how to say the name of the organization, you’re likely to get a different response – Shishmed, Shizmid, Shissmud. The struggle is real. However, that doesn’t make the value of the conference any less significant.

Here at hippo, we are always encouraged to seek opportunities for professional development and continued education in this ever-changing industry. As such, we always send a team of hippos to the SHSMD Connections Annual Conference, so the team can stay fresh on the latest trends in healthcare marketing. The past two years, we’ve also held a booth at the conference. This year’s SHSMD Connections was held in Orlando, so Bob, Richard and I went to Florida to represent the hippo team.

Our team enjoyed attending several sessions on topics including predictive marketing, healthcare consumerism, digital marketing and building organizational identity and alignment. The speakers were engaging and thought provoking, and the conference was organized well to allow attendees the opportunity to take back learnings on a broad range of topics.

We also had a great turnout at the hippo booth. The Kate Spade purse giveaway was a huge success, and our hippo stress balls even went viral on the SHSMD app. We enjoyed seeing familiar faces and making new connections as well.



So, what did we do when we weren’t at the conference? Here are a few key moments:

Highlight of the trip: Watching SHSMD attendee Phillip “Felipe Bieber” perform Despacito at the Block Party at Universal Studios City Walk and get the crowd just as crazed as if he was J-Biebs himself.

Most unexpected and least enjoyable part of the trip: When Bob tried to kill us because he wanted to “walk-off lunch” and had us trek a mile and a half through Disney Springs. In blazers. Carrying computer bags. In 97 degrees. And one of us was wearing heels.

Weirdest part of the trip: Uber driver who told us a funny anecdote about his marriage and then asked all of us if we were happy in ours.

Can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

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