Top 5 Reasons You Need to Attend hippoPod 2017

September 8, 2017

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hippopod 2017

Healthcare Marketing conferences and seminars are a dime-a-dozen—and they’re also a hassle. You usually have to travel two time zones away or you can’t afford the exorbitant conference registration fees. Fear not. We have a worthy alternative for your consideration. Here are the Top Five Reasons you need to attend hippoPod 2017 on October 6th.


1. Topics You Care About and Speakers Who Know Their $%!#

Let’s face it: you have a lot on your plate. You want to focus on the big picture more, but only have time to focus most of your efforts on the day-to-day activities for which you’re responsible. That’s OK. We get it. That’s why we’ve put together a program full of topics you’ll be interested in and speakers who can catch you up on some of the topics you may have been missing and give you ideas to take back to your organization. Here’s a sampling of the engaging topics and speakers you’ll encounter:

  • State-of-the-Industry presentation by the Advisory Board
  • Learn how CHI Health implemented, operates and promotes a successful virtual care program
  • Discover how Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que built its reputation on customer loyalty
  • Take part in an interactive brand building session led by the hippo team


2. One Day Only

We know you don’t have time to spend at a three-day conference. You have a day job after all, and that work isn’t going to take care of itself. But you can spare one day, right? You owe it to yourself. To your department. To your organization. It’s good to get away, recharge and reconnect with the motivation that keeps you going in the first place. Lucky for you, hippoPod is a one-day event, on a Friday no less – so it’s basically like a three-day weekend (don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss). We keep things moving at a good pace, give you plenty of breaks and offer quiet spaces where you can take calls, check emails, and the like, because inevitably that’s going to happen. You live in the real world after all. But don’t worry, we’ll also have you out early on Friday which should give you enough time to see some sights or do some shopping as you head into the weekend.


3. Networking Made Easy

Whether you’re getting your morning coffee, grabbing a snack during one of our breaks, sitting down for lunch, taking part in our interactive sessions or hanging out at the happy hour the night before, hippoPod gives you a chance to meet new peers and catch up with old friends in the industry.


4. Best Damn Lunch You’ll Have at an Event This Year, Maybe Ever

Kansas City is famous for many things: fountains, jazz, the World War I Museum. But there’s one thing that stands out over all others, and for good reason: Bar-B-Que. That’s why we’re bringing in Kansas City’s own world-renowned BBQ joint, Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, for hippoPod attendees. These smoked meats and savory sides are reason enough to register today. And don’t worry, we’ll have vegetarian options available for the non-carnivores as well. We’re all about equal opportunity.


5. Cost to Attend Isn’t an Issue

That’s right. All of this is available to you at the best value of all. It’s free. Trust us, we know it may sound too good to be true. And we know free doesn’t always equate to high-quality. But in this case, it really does. The reason we don’t charge for this day of education and motivation is because we feel its our duty to bring together healthcare thinkers and innovators from across the country to explore the future of healthcare and healthcare marketing. No commitment. No sales pitch. Just an opportunity to better yourself and your organization all at no cost to you. Seems like that should be easy to fit into this year’s budget.


So what are you waiting for? We’ve given you five great reasons to join us for hippoPod 2017. Now give us one good reason why you won’t.


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