Let It Shine Read More

In 2010, OSF asked hippo to help them announce the grand opening of a $234 million, 440,000 square-foot expansion of their adult and children’s hospital in Peoria. The expansion was the largest in OSF’s history and the largest private construction project ever in Peoria. Our challenge was to identify the key factors that would be exciting to consumers – and convince management that we didn’t have to “advertise” every nuance of the building.

Backed by research, we created a two-tiered strategy: use TV and radio to engage them with a emotional message and use outdoor, print and online to tout the “rational” features. All tactics pointed consumers to a microsite where they could explore the facility while it was being built. During the first two days of the opening event, more than 13,000 visitors turned up to tour the new facility. And after the campaign ended, so many people called in wanting OSF to re-run the “Let It Shine” TV spot, OSF brought it back.