The creative alternative to healthcare marketing.

What makes hippo different?

We weren't created by former healthcare executives, like many other healthcare agencies out there. We were forged from an independently owned advertising agency known for it's award-winning creative.

As the specialized healthcare arm of Muller Bressler Brown, we bring a 30-year creative heritage to our clients. A legacy rooted in consumer-centric strategy. That means we don't look at people as patients. We look at them as consumers. People who have choices – who want compelling reasons to choose a healthcare provider.

Our creative experience in a broad range of consumer categories gives us unique insights to craft those stories. To create messages which speak to real people – not hospital executives, doctors and administrators.

The difference, we believe, shows in our work and the results it delivers.

hippo ... a blend of art and science.


We're always asked why we call ourselves hippo. It's short for Hippocrates – the ancient Greek physician. Hippocrates revolutionized medicine, establishing it as a unique, scientific discipline distinct from the superstitions and beliefs with which illnesses were associated at the time.

Hippocrates realized that medicine was a blend of science and art. That it should demand ethical treatment of patients and uphold strict professional and human standards.

We thought that was interesting because it mirrors our perspectives on healthcare marketing. That it too is a blend of science and art. That ethical and moral standards must be preserved. And that patients – and clients – should be treated with respect and courtesy.

Hippocrates' principles led to the creation of the Hippocratic Oath, by which physicians swear even today. We liked that, so we created our own.

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A virtuous, versatile beast.

Hippocrates inspired our name. So why the hippopotamus?

At first, we just thought it'd be fun. You know, hippo… hippopotamus. But the more we learned about Hippopotamus amphibius, the more we liked him.

For instance, did you know the Egyptians considered the hippo to be a symbol of rejuvenation and re-birth? We feel that way about healthcare brands.

The hippo's also considered the most aggressive animal in Africa and much faster than a human. In a competitive world, we like to think aggressiveness and speed are distinct advantages.

Hippos usually live in packs of up to thirty members. As an agency, so do we. And they're versatile. They can live on land and in water. We're versatile, too.

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