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Is healthcare going mobile?

Or is it already there?

MoreThat’s what we wanted to know when we took a quick look around the mobile health scene in our latest hippowatch. email.

Not surprisingly, we found that people love their smartphones. Half of America owns them. And despite the sore eyes and finger cramps that sometimes come with them, smartphones are increasingly supporting a wide variety of healthcare apps.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported more than 17,200 health and fitness apps and at least 14,500 medical apps on the market in mid-2012. And it’s not just consumers using them. 50 percent of physicians use apps on the job. And 40 percent believe mobile health can reduce patient visits to physicians.

From our perspective, that’s a signal that mobile health can – and probably will – have significant effects on the future of patient caregiver interactions.

You can check out other interesting stats here in the hippowatch.

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