the hippo oath

We swear to fulfill, to the best of our ability and judgment, this covenant:

We will respect the hard-won marketing gains of those before us, and share our knowledge with those who follow.

We will apply, for the benefit of client and consumer, all measures that are required - digital, social, traditional - avoiding those twin traps of over-designing and creative nihilism.

We will remember that there is an art to healthcare marketing as well as strategy, and that human insight and brand personality may outweigh a bullet-pointed list of hospital features.

We will not be ashamed to say "we don't know," nor will we fail to ask relevant questions that challenge both client and agency.

We will respect the privacy of our clients' patients, for their rights are protected by HIPAA laws. Most especially, we must tread with care in matters of life or death, knowing that healing is serious business and must take priority over daily shot schedules.

We will remember that we do not strategize individual service lines without first looking at the healthcare brand as a whole, whose brand essence includes all patient touch points.

We will prevent scope creep whenever we can, for prevention is preferable to blown budgets.

We will remember that we remain members of society, with special obligations to all our fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as those in the advertising community.

If we do not violate this oath, may we enjoy our craft and outstanding ROIs, respected by both healthcare administrators and award show judges. May we always act so as to preserve the finest client/agency relationship and long experience the joy of helping those who seek us out.