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Shan Neely

Partner/Creative Director

Shan heads up the creative team, providing strategic leadership and inspiration. He started his career in Oklahoma, heading up an award-winning in-house creative department for Harold’s, a specialty apparel chain. After Harold’s, he moved to Kansas City and spent the next ten years at a larger shop, lending his creative touch to a variety of brands, including Christopher Elbow Chocolates, Thrifty Car Rental, Bayer Advantage, USAA and Capital One. Shan’s a 1988 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where he earned a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication.

If Shan wins the lottery ... this would be his first purchase.

Garrett Street

Vice President, Creative

From consumer-packaged goods to large animal health, Garrett has helped concept and develop award-winning copy for a wide variety of brands in a wide variety of industries. A few of his past client experiences include Gatorade, Westlake Ace Hardware and Merial Limited. Although Garrett’s writing style changes from client to client, he’s never one to pass up a snarky headline when given the chance. In fact, he’ll write one for you right now. Just ask him.

Garrett is incredibly quick on his feet…literally. In 2006, he ran the Boston Marathon and placed 143 out of 20,000 runners. His time? 2:40:00.

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Danielle Beckham

Director, Project Management

Danielle’s the glue that keeps everything together. You can’t sneeze without her knowing about it. Danielle estimates. She schedules. She tracks every single project through the agency. She keeps creatives from killing budgets and account management from killing creatives. She’s so loved around here, that we throw periodic Danielle Days, just to say thank you. Like many of us, she came to MBB from a much larger agency, where she managed projects for several national brands. Danielle graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a BA, Communications – Print Media.

Here’s how Danielle sees the world around her ... when she’s not chasing us.

Karen Hamilton

Director of Creative Services

With more than 23 years’ experience, Karen oversees the production of everything that leaves our office. If it’s printed, embossed, mailed, filmed or recorded, Karen touches it. She also helps us source creative partners, from production companies to photographers to tradeshow exhibit builders. She’s a resourceful, go-getter who’s always ready to dive into a problem. Prior to joining MBB, Karen worked for 20 years with one of Kansas City’s most respected agencies, serving as VP, Director of Production Services. Karen holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Eastern Kentucky University.

Want to buy Karen something? She’ll take any one of these.

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Connie Smith

Production Artist

Connie's a seasoned agency veteran. Like a lot of MBBers, she spent 17 years at a much larger agency, working her way through traffic and into the production studio, which she managed for seven years. Just prior to joining MBB, she headed up the production department for a Kansas City greeting card manufacturer. With all that experience, Connie's steeped in agency processes and workflows. That's good because she's the one that keeps work flowing out of here. Connie's a graduate of Missouri State University.

Micah Hair

Art Director

As an alumnus of our summer internship program, we knew we’d be crazy not to hire Micah. She graduated summa cum laude from Avila University where she developed a creative eye for graphic design. Although we snatched her up right out of college, she brings experience from several freelance gigs and she interned for Sporting Kansas City. She was also responsible for the on-campus organization Enfuse, which creates marketing pieces for her alma mater.

Micah is also a dog socializer–not to be confused with this.

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Josiah Crandall


He can shoot. He can edit. But most of all, this guy can take on anything (like our annual pub-crawl) and spin it into a coherent fantastic story. At MidAmerica Nazarene University he got into theatre, radio, television and even improv comedy. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, he took on his first gig as Videographer/Video Editor at Premier Studios in Lenexa. Now he’s busy filming anything from client work to every day life at our office.

Josiah doesn’t necessarily collect antiques. But he’ll tell you he owns something some consider “prehistoric”. It may not be worth a lot, but hey, it can do this.

Emily Rethmeyer

Interactive Art Director

Iowan farm girl, Emily, graduated from Central College in Iowa with a degree in Social Science. One year later, moved to Kansas City to continue her education in graphic design. She’s worked on a wide range of projects from print to website design and digital advertising for clients in banking, pavement and tennis court resurfacing. She and her husband enjoy going to concerts, traveling and attending Royals games.

While spending a semester in London, she took a selfie with a famous friend on a disposable camera.

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Jonathan Mahoney

Art Director

Nothing prepared Jonathan for a career as an advertising creative better than a rough-and-tumble life spent blowing things up on the family farm with his brothers. After spending his first fifteen years being homeschooled, Jonathan enrolled in college. He soon outgrew his talents for farmland destruction and moved to KC where he attended Avila University and majored in Graphic Design. From there he worked as a freelance designer and illustrator for agencies and other organizations. He and his wife have a daughter who also freelances — as a child model.

He avoids famous people in public but loves puggles. Not the kind you’re thinking of.

Kevin Brimmer

Senior Art Director

A graduate of the Illustration Academy, Kevin’s the original “jack of all trades.” He’s been illustrating for 17 years and designing packaging and identity campaigns for 15. He’s spent the last seven years here at MBB designing everything else, including logos, signage systems, annual reports, event displays, clothing ... even architectural interiors. If Kevin’s never done it, he’ll learn it.

If you’re into “artistry, anarchy, alchemy & authenticity” Kevin recommends this.