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Jim Brown


Before partnering with Phil, Jim spent 15 years as sales manager for TV stations in Omaha, Phoenix, Wichita and Kansas City. It’s this “other-side-of-the-desk” experience that gives him an insider’s understanding of content and distribution models in today’s splintered media world. Besides providing unique media perspectives, Jim also heads up the MBB Consumer Engagement Team, helping them find new ways to extend reach and budget. Jim’s vast media experience has made him remarkably astute in sensing a good deal, something our clients seem to appreciate. Although Jim holds a MBA from Creighton, he’s a Jayhawk through and through.

Denny Meier


Denny’s our money guy. He balances our budget. Pays our bills. Plans our financial future. Denny joined MBB in 2005. Prior to that he spent 20 years as CFO for Entercom Kansas City Radio and One Voice, a broadcast service start-up. As a CPA, he’s naturally a numbers man. As our CFO, he’s an integral part of our success. And as a partner, he’s a great leader, keeping us financially responsible while still letting us buy toys now and then – like the pool table we recently got. Denny was also instrumental in the design and building of our office. Denny’s a graduate of Pittsburg State University, where he earned a BA in Business Administration/Accounting.

Denny brings us donuts on Friday. The best ones are found here.

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Shan Neely

Partner/Creative Director

Shan heads up the creative team, providing strategic leadership and inspiration. He started his career in Oklahoma, heading up an award-winning in-house creative department for Harold’s, a specialty apparel chain. After Harold’s, he moved to Kansas City and spent the next ten years at a larger shop, lending his creative touch to a variety of brands, including Christopher Elbow Chocolates, Thrifty Car Rental, Bayer Advantage, USAA and Capital One. Shan’s a 1988 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where he earned a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication.

If Shan wins the lottery ... this would be his first purchase.

Christian Weld-Brown

Partner, Office Manager

Christian is the smiling face you see when you walk into MBB. She’s the one who arranges our travel, plans our parties and keeps the M&M bowls full. She’s also married to Jim. In her day-to-day role as office manager, she not only keeps operations running smoothly, she keeps the place a lot of fun. Christian holds a BA from Stephens College and a JD from Creighton University.

Christian’s father raced at Indy, but it was in the dirt where he was “legendary.”