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Red or White?

Founding Member of Wine Club

Wine, like beer, has been a great friend to MBB for many years. And surprisingly, wine is the perfect accompaniment to whiffle ball games. So in January of 2013, wine officially joined the agency and formed a club. Wine options in both red and white are chosen by the club members.

Garrett Street

Vice President, Creative

From consumer-packaged goods to large animal health, Garrett has helped concept and develop award-winning copy for a wide variety of brands in a wide variety of industries. A few of his past client experiences include Gatorade, Westlake Ace Hardware and Merial Limited. Although Garrett’s writing style changes from client to client, he’s never one to pass up a snarky headline when given the chance. In fact, he’ll write one for you right now. Just ask him.

Garrett is incredibly quick on his feet…literally. In 2006, he ran the Boston Marathon and placed 143 out of 20,000 runners. His time? 2:40:00.

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Danielle Beckham

Director, Project Management

Danielle’s the glue that keeps everything together. You can’t sneeze without her knowing about it. Danielle estimates. She schedules. She tracks every single project through the agency. She keeps creatives from killing budgets and account management from killing creatives. She’s so loved around here, that we throw periodic Danielle Days, just to say thank you. Like many of us, she came to MBB from a much larger agency, where she managed projects for several national brands. Danielle graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a BA, Communications – Print Media.

Here’s how Danielle sees the world around her ... when she’s not chasing us.

Stacy Sanderson

Director, Media

After graduating from The University of Iowa, Stacy packed up her car and, without a job lined up, drove to Phoenix. It paid off. For over a decade, Stacy has worked across the country and in the process grown her expertise in media research and strategy, planning and buying for all mediums both agency-side and in-house.

Stacy grew up in Iowa but is a city girl at heart. Even though she loves the country, she just can’t give up shopping. If she isn’t working, you can probably find Stacy traveling. She’s been to Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Dublin, Amsterdam and over a dozen other far away lands.