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Jim Brown


Before partnering with Phil, Jim spent 15 years as sales manager for TV stations in Omaha, Phoenix, Wichita and Kansas City. It’s this “other-side-of-the-desk” experience that gives him an insider’s understanding of content and distribution models in today’s splintered media world. Besides providing unique media perspectives, Jim also heads up the MBB Consumer Engagement Team, helping them find new ways to extend reach and budget. Jim’s vast media experience has made him remarkably astute in sensing a good deal, something our clients seem to appreciate. Although Jim holds a MBA from Creighton, he’s a Jayhawk through and through.

Denny Meier


Denny’s our money guy. He balances our budget. Pays our bills. Plans our financial future. Denny joined MBB in 2005. Prior to that he spent 20 years as CFO for Entercom Kansas City Radio and One Voice, a broadcast service start-up. As a CPA, he’s naturally a numbers man. As our CFO, he’s an integral part of our success. And as a partner, he’s a great leader, keeping us financially responsible while still letting us buy toys now and then – like the pool table we recently got. Denny was also instrumental in the design and building of our office. Denny’s a graduate of Pittsburg State University, where he earned a BA in Business Administration/Accounting.

Denny brings us donuts on Friday. The best ones are found here.

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Shan Neely

Partner/Creative Director

Shan heads up the creative team, providing strategic leadership and inspiration. He started his career in Oklahoma, heading up an award-winning in-house creative department for Harold’s, a specialty apparel chain. After Harold’s, he moved to Kansas City and spent the next ten years at a larger shop, lending his creative touch to a variety of brands, including Christopher Elbow Chocolates, Thrifty Car Rental, Bayer Advantage, USAA and Capital One. Shan’s a 1988 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where he earned a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication.

If Shan wins the lottery ... this would be his first purchase.

Christian Weld-Brown

Partner, Office Manager

Christian is the smiling face you see when you walk into MBB. She’s the one who arranges our travel, plans our parties and keeps the M&M bowls full. She’s also married to Jim. In her day-to-day role as office manager, she not only keeps operations running smoothly, she keeps the place a lot of fun. Christian holds a BA from Stephens College and a JD from Creighton University.

Christian’s father raced at Indy, but it was in the dirt where he was “legendary.”

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Steven Burnett

Vice President, Consumer Engagement

Steven helps MBB clients develop smart digital strategies and explore new interactive frontiers. He readily admits to being a digital geek, and his deep passion for it becomes readily apparent when you hear him expound on all things digital, including eCRM, ecommerce, user experience, taxonomy, wireframes, mobile, application development, business systems analyst, quality assurance tester, social media and analytics. Whew. Prior to joining us, Steven spent five years with Kansas City’s largest interactive agency, working on national brands like Burger King, SAP and Kashi. Steven holds two BS degrees from Kansas State University in marketing and general management.

See why Steven doesn't need an alarm clock in the morning.

Richard Cherra

Vice President, Strategy and Development

Richard leads his teams through a diverse range of projects from strategic planning and branding, through integrated campaigns and enterprise-level website development. Richard excels at seeing through the clutter to identify a problem and present a logical solution that solves the business requirements. Richard has the ability to quickly grasp a comprehensive understanding his client’s business, unique features and values relative to the competition and the industry as a whole.

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Garrett Street

Vice President, Creative

From consumer-packaged goods to large animal health, Garrett has helped concept and develop award-winning copy for a wide variety of brands in a wide variety of industries. A few of his past client experiences include Gatorade, Westlake Ace Hardware and Merial Limited. Although Garrett’s writing style changes from client to client, he’s never one to pass up a snarky headline when given the chance. In fact, he’ll write one for you right now. Just ask him.

Garrett is incredibly quick on his feet…literally. In 2006, he ran the Boston Marathon and placed 143 out of 20,000 runners. His time? 2:40:00.

Bob Waddell

Vice President of Hippo

Bob’s a “small-town Iowa guy” that came to us from Nebraska. After picking up his BS in Advertising from Morningside College, he racked up some impressive agency experience on a wide variety of brands that included Nebraska Lottery, Arby’s, KFC, UPS Store and Salvation Army. He also spent four years directing digital strategy. Here at MBB, he focuses on creating and managing effective marketing strategies for our hippo healthcare brands.

When he was working security at the Double Tree in Omaha, Bob broke up a fight with one these guys.

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Kristen McIntyre

Accounting Specialist

Kristen’s the longest standing employee here at MBB. She started in 1990 as John Muller’s assistant. Eventually, she moved over to the accounting side, keeping our financials in order. Now, she’s Denny’s right-hand, helping him keep the rest of us in check when it comes to billing, travel expenses and shopping sprees. And if you smell awesome, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies when you visit us, you can thank Kristen.

Kristin’s our longest standing employee. When she started in 1990, MBB was here.

Danielle Beckham

Director, Project Management

Danielle’s the glue that keeps everything together. You can’t sneeze without her knowing about it. Danielle estimates. She schedules. She tracks every single project through the agency. She keeps creatives from killing budgets and account management from killing creatives. She’s so loved around here, that we throw periodic Danielle Days, just to say thank you. Like many of us, she came to MBB from a much larger agency, where she managed projects for several national brands. Danielle graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a BA, Communications – Print Media.

Here’s how Danielle sees the world around her ... when she’s not chasing us.

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Karen Hamilton

Director of Creative Services

With more than 23 years’ experience, Karen oversees the production of everything that leaves our office. If it’s printed, embossed, mailed, filmed or recorded, Karen touches it. She also helps us source creative partners, from production companies to photographers to tradeshow exhibit builders. She’s a resourceful, go-getter who’s always ready to dive into a problem. Prior to joining MBB, Karen worked for 20 years with one of Kansas City’s most respected agencies, serving as VP, Director of Production Services. Karen holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Eastern Kentucky University.

Want to buy Karen something? She’ll take any one of these.

Mary Cisetti

Account Manager

Mary’s a member of our Account Management Team working with clients in the healthcare industry. Prior to her role as account manager, Mary spent two years working on our Earned Media team, helping clients communicate with consumers through social media, digital relations and street team engagements. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Missouri – Kansas City, she spent a year working with brands like Galderma, Alvogen and the American Italian Pasta Company before joining MBB.

We aren't really sure why she keeps wearing this outfit around the office, but she's sort of become the unofficial mascot around here.

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Connie Smith

Production Artist

Connie's a seasoned agency veteran. Like a lot of MBBers, she spent 17 years at a much larger agency, working her way through traffic and into the production studio, which she managed for seven years. Just prior to joining MBB, she headed up the production department for a Kansas City greeting card manufacturer. With all that experience, Connie's steeped in agency processes and workflows. That's good because she's the one that keeps work flowing out of here. Connie's a graduate of Missouri State University.

Micah Hair

Art Director

As an alumnus of our summer internship program, we knew we’d be crazy not to hire Micah. She graduated summa cum laude from Avila University where she developed a creative eye for graphic design. Although we snatched her up right out of college, she brings experience from several freelance gigs and she interned for Sporting Kansas City. She was also responsible for the on-campus organization Enfuse, which creates marketing pieces for her alma mater.

Micah is also a dog socializer–not to be confused with this.

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Stacy Sanderson

Director, Media

After graduating from The University of Iowa, Stacy packed up her car and, without a job lined up, drove to Phoenix. It paid off. For over a decade, Stacy has worked across the country and in the process grown her expertise in media research and strategy, planning and buying for all mediums both agency-side and in-house.

Stacy grew up in Iowa but is a city girl at heart. Even though she loves the country, she just can’t give up shopping. If she isn’t working, you can probably find Stacy traveling. She’s been to Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Dublin, Amsterdam and over a dozen other far away lands.

Leslie Marshall

Earned Media Supervisor

Leslie is an Iowa native and graduated from Iowa State – Hawkeye fans Bob and Stacy don’t seem to mind...too much. She’s a Gamma Phi Beta girl and she spent a summer in Florence, Italy studying art history. Leslie moved here from Chi-Town where she was as assistant account executive at an agency. There, she executed public relations and social media strategies for a variety of local and national clients including Trex Company and Tiffany & Co.

Leslie learned something about herself while studying abroad – she has an unnatural obsession with adrenaline and free falling.

Watch how it's done here.

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Josiah Crandall


He can shoot. He can edit. But most of all, this guy can take on anything (like our annual pub-crawl) and spin it into a coherent fantastic story. At MidAmerica Nazarene University he got into theatre, radio, television and even improv comedy. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, he took on his first gig as Videographer/Video Editor at Premier Studios in Lenexa. Now he’s busy filming anything from client work to every day life at our office.

Josiah doesn’t necessarily collect antiques. But he’ll tell you he owns something some consider “prehistoric”. It may not be worth a lot, but hey, it can do this.

Emily Leeper

Earned Media Manager

This Cornhusker, Emily Leeper, came to us from a Kansas City startup where she worked as a Coworking & Events Manager. After earning her Bachelor of Journalism degree, she interned for several organizations and gained a good blend of PR and social experience. Now, she’s busy helping a variety of our clients. In her spare time, she serves on the board of the Kansas City PRSA Chapter and is a founding committee member for Project Homeless Connect.

You think you like shopping? Well, let’s just say Emily takes Black Friday really seriously.

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James Riddle

Insights Analyst

James is the “Dave Grohl” of data. He maintains just about all of our campaign dashboards and lets us know how we’re doing, as well as reports on our websites and philosophically stares at numbers. His background includes time as a social media and digital marketing coordinator. He also interned with Schools for the Children of the World in Honduras. James attended The University of Central Missouri where he earned his degree in Public Relations

Though he hasn’t made it as a YouTube celebrity yet, he makes up for it with his guitar and cosplaying skills.

Erin Jurado

Account Supervisor

For nearly a decade, Erin’s worked on business-to-business accounts as diverse as construction and animal care. At MBB she leads the Rx Savings Solutions, UMB Healthcare, Nueterra, Bothwell, and B.E. Smith accounts. She graduated from KU with a degree in journalism. She and her husband, Michael, have two dog “celebrities.” Millie and Louie who are the faces of a pet food brand. Erin, to her husband’s chagrin, is a huge St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

The Jurado family welcomed a handsome baby boy into the family back in March.

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Emily Rethmeyer

Interactive Art Director

Iowan farm girl, Emily, graduated from Central College in Iowa with a degree in Social Science. One year later, moved to Kansas City to continue her education in graphic design. She’s worked on a wide range of projects from print to website design and digital advertising for clients in banking, pavement and tennis court resurfacing. She and her husband enjoy going to concerts, traveling and attending Royals games.

While spending a semester in London, she took a selfie with a famous friend on a disposable camera.

Jonathan Mahoney

Art Director

Nothing prepared Jonathan for a career as an advertising creative better than a rough-and-tumble life spent blowing things up on the family farm with his brothers. After spending his first fifteen years being homeschooled, Jonathan enrolled in college. He soon outgrew his talents for farmland destruction and moved to KC where he attended Avila University and majored in Graphic Design. From there he worked as a freelance designer and illustrator for agencies and other organizations. He and his wife have a daughter who also freelances — as a child model.

He avoids famous people in public but loves puggles. Not the kind you’re thinking of.

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Kevin Brimmer

Senior Art Director

A graduate of the Illustration Academy, Kevin’s the original “jack of all trades.” He’s been illustrating for 17 years and designing packaging and identity campaigns for 15. He’s spent the last seven years here at MBB designing everything else, including logos, signage systems, annual reports, event displays, clothing ... even architectural interiors. If Kevin’s never done it, he’ll learn it.

If you’re into “artistry, anarchy, alchemy & authenticity” Kevin recommends this.