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Media Planning and Buying

At hippo, media planning and buying begins with assembling and evaluating marketing data to determine your unique media needs. Based on goals and budget, we create a plan to using the most effective channels and frequency.

By negotiating pricing and added value with vendors, we stretch each dollar further without compromising impressions. Our goal is always to reach the highest number of targeted individuals at the lowest cost to the client.

Our strong relationships with the media world allow us to expertly price, schedule, monitor and buy the media you need, but we don’t limit ourselves to familiar territory. We’re always on the lookout for potential markets to tap into and ways to push the envelope.

To spell it out, we can provide:

  • Comprehensive paid media strategies, planning and buying
  • Expertise in all mediums: Digital (display, video and mobile), TV (broadcast and cable), Radio (terrestrial and streaming), Out-of-Home/Outdoor and Print (newspaper and magazines)
  • Strong negotiations with media partners and outlets that maximize campaign efficiency
  • Extensive research capabilities – gfk MRI, 4A’s, SQAD, Kantar Media SRDS, Rentrak, Nielsen
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of campaigns to ensure efficiency
  • Detailed reporting and insights

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