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User Experience (UX)

At hippo, we know that when implemented correctly, User Experience (UX) benefits both sides of the equation. It meets users needs and also gives them a positive perception of your brand.

The best UX is elegant, efficient and effective. It is the pinnacle of both utility and usability, leading users to the information they need. Your website can have every answer in the world, but if it’s difficult to navigate, users will turn elsewhere.

The best way for us to gauge the user experience is to ask. We perform user testing (live A/B tests, individual and group testing and evaluate third-party sources), which we believe to be the key to developing the best UX.

Our web design solutions begin with thorough research and strategic planning. To build upon this foundation, we apply multiple research methodologies simultaneously to develop a multi-faceted understanding of the user. Our methods include user interviews and surveys, consumer survey data, industry reports and site usage.


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