University of Missouri Health – BioJoint Campaign

Bringing a breakthrough to market.

How do you introduce a breakthrough orthopedic treatment designed to get patients back to their life faster? You give them real-life examples.

When the University of Missouri Health’s Missouri Orthopedic Institute asked us to communicate the effectiveness of their new BioJoint treatment in hopes of attracting new patients, we knew the proof was in the patients who had already gone through the surgical treatment.

We sought inspiring patient stories and developed a campaign platform that put those stories at the forefront of our message. They included a soldier who injured his knee in Iraq, a college diver who returned to capture a conference championship, and a young woman who went from being unable to walk across the stage at her high school graduation to walking down the aisle of her wedding after surgery.

The BioJoint technique really did allow people to get back to the things they love faster. And the integrated campaign message running on TV, in print, and online resonated with our target audience, too.

During the campaign:

  • 20-40 avg. calls per week
  • 121 surgeries completed
  • 39 out-of-network referrals made
  • Patients came from 15 different states and 4 different countries

The BioJoint campaign has been a resounding success for not only MOI, but for the reputation of the University of Missouri Health as a thought leader and innovator in the space of orthopedic medicine. It’s a good example of how impactful and engaging messaging can drive service line volumes and increase revenues for health systems.


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